Paver Sealing in Sun City Center, FL

Paver Sealing in Sun City Center, FL

This job was one of the ugliest and dirtiest brick paver pool decks that I have seen. They had not had their brick paver pool deck cleaned in what must've been years. There was grass and weeds growing up through almost every seam between every paver. The homeowners initially just wanted the pavers cleaned and the weeds gone, but I was able to convince them that after cleaning the pavers and killing the weeds, the pavers needed to be resanded and sealed in order to protect them and help prevent further weed growth.

It seemed like I picked the hottest day in Sun City Center to complete the job! I started out picking out by hand as much of the large weeds as I could, which took a couple of hours. Then I treated all the brick pavers with our cleaning solution which made quick work of killing any other weeds and grass and helped prevent future growth, as well as cleaned and sanitized the pavers themselves. Next up was to resand the pavers. This was done by sweeping the sand into the seams of the pavers, then blowing the excess sand off. Finally to the paver sealing! I used a water-based sealant that gives a nice gloss to the finished look of the pavers. After applying a heavy coat using a pump-up sprayer, all that was left was to let it dry for around 24-48 hours. What a difference this made! The brick pavers in the pool deck and driveway were now protected from future weed growth and algae growth, and it gives a nice finished shine!

Location: Sun City Center, FL

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Deco SilaCast BES Sealer

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Great job! Very well done! Just looks excellent!

- Jackie H |

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