Beautiful Tile Roof Cleaning in Temple Terrace, FL

Beautiful Tile Roof Cleaning in Temple Terrace, FL

Now this was one of our biggest jobs to date. A small local Christian college in Temple Terrace, of which I actually used to attend, needed a lot of cleaning done on many of its buildings. For this job, they needed tile roofs cleaned on two large buildings. These roofs were nasty and were in need of a roof cleaning! As you can see from the pictures, the black mold and mildew buildup had gotten so bad most of the tiles were black! We were determined to bring them back to their original clay-orange color.

The larger of the two buildings required a lift rental to safely and efficiently reach the roof. In order to get the roof cleaned, we were using our soft washing system which uses a higher concentration of our cleaning solution gently applied to the roof instead of using pressure. This method keeps the roof from further harm or damage and is always the preferred method for cleaning any kind of roof. After applying many coats to each section, the cleaning solution began to do its job and kill all of the organic black matter and bring the roof back to life.

Using the same soft-washing method, we were able to use just our extension ladder to clean the second building's roof as it was a little shorter. This saved us a bit of time as the lift was a bit tedious to move around to different spots around the first building.

The end results turned out spectacular and our client in Temple Terrace was very impressed, so much so that they called us back the next morning to pressure wash some more buildings!

Location: Temple Terrace, FL

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